Hi, I’m Britney. Welcome to Family Book Stop: Where Books, Fun, & Family Meet!

Family Book Stop: Where family, fun, and books meet!

I started Family Book Stop because friends are constantly asking me for book recommendations, how I find so much time to read, and how to get their kids to love reading. And I LOVE to share that information with them! It brings me so much joy to share my book obsession with others and give my best tips & recommendations regarding all things reading.

I’m passionate about books and I believe that every home should be filled with them! I want to help other moms create a culture of books in their homes and to teach their kids a love of reading. But I believe that in order to do so, you have to first make reading fun.

At Family Book Stop, you’ll find book recommendations, tips for finding time to read, games & activities involving books or reading, and how to add reading to your family culture. Expect posts once a week (on Wednesdays), with more frequent posting on social media.

I’ve loved books since I was a little girl. Before I could even read, I insisted on bringing stacks of books taller than I was to bed each night. That love of books never left. Now I have more books than shelves to stack them on, and the list keeps growing! In fact, I have approximately 1350 on my “want to read” list. People think that’s an exaggeration, but believe me, it’s not. I’ve counted 😂.

I love bright colors, podcasts, writing, Disneyland, and making lists. But most of all, I love inspiring other women to live their best lives, and I believe books are a great way to achieve that. I hope Family Book Stop will help you find tips & tricks to make reading a fun and happy event in your home.

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